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jc245 04-03-2007 1:31 PM

Has anyone tried chaining LC-1's together? <BR>My idea here is: pair of RCA's come from stereo to an LC-1 input, the LC-1 output then splits to 2 other LC-1's. The output of one LC-1 to the cabin speaker amps and the output of the second LC-1 to the tower amp. This way, you can adjust and leave set the tower volume and the interior volume seperate and then use the top level LC-1 as a master volume. Don't know if a line driver will be needed due to loss of all those controls/connections.. but wondered what you all thought about this setup. -James

talltigeguy 04-05-2007 12:09 PM

Sounds lazy to me. Just do them without chaining them together and go the extra mile and turn them both down when you need to. <BR> <BR>Does your radio have a volume control? Remote?

jc245 04-05-2007 3:44 PM

Why do you see using ONE volume knob turned from max to min (when a boarder falls for example) as lazy over convienence? <BR> <BR>For the record, my radio of course has a volume control, but it does not have a wired remote and it's in a place people often sit right in front of it and block the IR. Yes, I could buy a new HU that has a wired remote, but a couple LC-1's are cheaper and certainly give me more individual control over areas of sound without losing the master volume ability. Guess my point really was not whether it's lazy or not, but if people thought it was too lossy without a line driver....

talltigeguy 04-06-2007 10:35 AM

I apologize, now that I reread my post it sounds harsh. I see good reason why you ask the question. <BR> <BR>Splitting one signal into two will likely decrease the strength that the amplifier sees, some amps are capable of keeping the output reasonable despite a lower input. I use a splitter on one of mine and have not seen a problem.

1boarder_kevin 04-07-2007 7:04 AM

Look for a cheap equilizer like clarion and use to fade between the boat and the tower speakers and then us the volume knob for all. I bought my clarion for about $55, which is comparable to 3 PACS in price. After reading many posts up here, it seams that PAC controllers change the audio quality and I would be worried that two PACs would double the effect.

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