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04-02-2007 10:49 AM

how can i show interest in my area in hopes of getting a maven session near me?

criswb 04-02-2007 10:33 PM

Maybe talk to your local pro shop or boat dealer to sponsor one? Also get a group of girls that would be interested in attending... The Maven team manager posts here so she'll probably see this and tell you what you can do. <BR> <BR>Where are you located?

04-03-2007 6:37 AM

i'm in panama city florida during the week and central and south alabama on the weekends... i know of at least five girls that would be interested that ride with our crew and i'm sure we could find more...

kathleen 04-03-2007 11:32 AM

Hey Gang, <BR>The Maven Sessions will do 2 stops in FL this year--one in Miami and one in Melrose. The dates we're currently looking at are around early June. We'll be in the Southeast for almost 2 weeks in mid to late May. The details are almost all confirmed so just check the website to find out exact dates and locations. We're really excited for the tour this year! Hope to see you there!

knelems 04-04-2007 6:25 AM

Hi Jessica, <BR>I have Cathy Williams coming to our lakehouse this summer on Lewis Smith Lake in Jasper AL for a clinic June 11th - 15th.I also have Nick Weinaker and his wife Sonja Scheffler to our house for one day May 12th. I can email you info if you are interested.

04-05-2007 8:21 AM

Karen, <BR>i'm DEF interested in some more info. I usually never get north of lake martin but i'm sure i could get some girls together to make the trip! <BR>thanks, <BR>Jessica

criswb 04-05-2007 8:38 PM

Miami Ski Nautique <a href="http://www.miamiskinautiques.com" target="_blank">http://www.miamiskinautiques.com</a> is going to be hosting the one in Miami, sign up for the newsletter so they let you know the dates when they're settled.

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