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gehennaengine 03-30-2007 9:37 AM

Anyone out there used both NoiseNinja and Noiseware Pro? I've been using the Noiseware plugin for CS2 on photos taken with a 30D and I'm wondering what the comparisson is with NoiseNinja.

richd 03-30-2007 10:26 AM

I'm using NoiseNinja which I like but only demoed Noiseware. From what I read they both seem to be very effective. After I demoed both I bought NoiseNinja because I liked the results with the automatic setting a bit more. If you've already bought Noiseware I'm not sure it's worth spending the $ again.

gehennaengine 03-30-2007 2:23 PM

Thanks Rich. I've been happy with Noiseware but it's the only one I've tried and I was curious how it stacked up with NoiseNinja. I think you're right - I'll just keep on keepin on with Noiseware.

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