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jjcsusm 03-29-2007 4:15 PM

I'm a student from Cal State San Marcos in San Diego, CA and I am doing a senior project that needs to be completed in order to graduate. My project is on the boat market. I was wondering if you experienced wakeboarders would be willing to answer a couple questions regarding accessories. It would be much appreciated. Thank you! <BR> <BR>The questions are: <BR>1. How important is lighting to wakeboarding? <BR>2. Which brands do you prefer or which ones are considered the best? <BR>3. When you buy lighting from a distributor do you also buy towers from them? <BR>4. With even the best lighting, what are the problems that you face? <BR>5. What improvements would you recommend? <BR>6. Where do you purchase your products? <BR>7. If there was the perfect tower lighting, what would it consist of? <BR>8. What type of lighting have you purchased? <BR>9. Do you remember what you paid for it? <BR>10. What other action sports are you involved in that require the use of lighting products? <BR>11. What is your age? and gender?

sacb52 03-29-2007 6:35 PM

Our tower has lights on it that we have never used them and have never needed to. We personally don't really know any fellow wakeboarders that ever talk about tower lighting and needing it for wakeboarding. I have seen someone use a hand held light when we were coming in late and it was dark so that they could see the trailor while trying to put the boat on it.

forumriders 05-01-2007 11:13 PM

nightboarding rules! the brighter the better. you can get halogen or even LED lights work, off road lights from a auto parts store work good if your cheap. hook up at least four lights two forward and two back on the tower, and have a handheld for when a rider goes down.... make sure your driver knows the lake or waterway like their own hand! seriously, or don't even bother boarding the boat. have fun!

clearlakescott 05-02-2007 7:51 AM

lighting isn't that important. Of 10 wakeboard boats on this lake only one has lights. I didn't buy lights from my tower manufacture. The biggest "problem" with lights is the cost. I bought them on line. I think eight lights is where it is at. 2 forward 4 backward and 2 under the swimout.

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