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clay_fraley 03-28-2007 5:09 PM

Ok, so I havent been on the water in a while due to a broken knee cap but I should be back in a couple of weeks, anyway: <BR> <BR>Ive heard its esier to do ts 7's or hs 7's off the double up, but for some reason I feel more comfortable doin hs wake 2 wake 7's, Ive popped the handle on about 4 or 5, I feel like Im not gettin enough rotation. Ive seen alot of pros go off-axis while doing these but I dont go off-axis much and Im still almost getting the rotation!?! any help would be awesome!

boardnman 03-29-2007 6:16 AM

I spin on axis also. I find it much easier to spin 7's W2W but on the other hand i never do double up's so i cant every get a consistant pop off to do 7's but when i have done w2w 7's i really concentrate on the pop. expecially HS 7's. T/s 7's you really dont need that much pop just quick hands. HS i find a little bit more difficult b/c of the sencond handle pass. i would really just focus on keeping the handle in super close and really focus on taking off at the top of the wake.

clay_fraley 03-29-2007 8:08 AM

by taking off of the wake, do you mean spinning right off the wake, cuz I tried that one time and I slammed pretty hard! lol

03-29-2007 10:30 AM

Off the double-up is easier if you are comfortable with the d-up because you get more upward energy without the tension of crossing speed. Try shortening the line a little and use a very mild cut at the first peak. You will go up more and the handle will be softer to pass. Also, if you have a great driver try cutting the throttle back a little after the first handle pass. <BR> <BR>Good luck.

clay_fraley 04-01-2007 9:56 AM

alright thanks man, once I get back on the water Im guna start trying them again

dlwsrider 04-04-2007 9:21 AM

dont go straight for them clay, you still got a week of physical therapy left. <BR> <BR>and practice 3's and 5's off the double up before you go right back to it, you havnt rode since october. <BR> <BR>though your tantrum to face off the double up was hilarious to us all we dont want to see it happen again man mkay?

clay_fraley 04-23-2007 2:35 PM

Shut up Caleb

dlwsrider 04-24-2007 10:21 AM

Clay, you have been on the water twice and your still sore as hell fro the first time. <BR> <BR>take it easy man you still gotta show kyle and todd what 2nd and 3rd place feels like

clay_fraley 05-10-2007 4:50 PM

Im good now, Ill probably try a few this weekend!! Ahhhhhhhhhh I cant wait, hopefully Ill stomp one!

wakedude83 05-21-2007 6:55 AM

Maybe you are spinning earlier than you have too...

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