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xbones 03-26-2007 6:22 AM

I've been riding for about 7 years but I've never had the time to really get on the water that often. This year I decided to get serious and try and improve my riding. We got out on the water for the first time this weekend and filmed some basic wake to wake jumps so I could get some feed back from you guys on how to improve my progressive edge/pop/etc... I want to establish good fundamentals before I move on to some more advanced tricks. I can throw 180's and I've landed a couple of 3's but I'm ready to be consistent with my 3's and start trying some inverts and I know I wont be very successful if I continue riding the way I have been. Please give me some tips on the video posted below (the quality isn't great and my fiance sucks on the camera but do what you can). <BR> <BR>My personal notes are it looks like I'm coming out of my cut too early and standing tall to soon. Also how to I prevent that "tail sagging" I'm getting in the air? <BR> <BR><a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DwY0N-S_d1U" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DwY0N-S_d1U</a> <BR>Thanks in advance.

wakeboardtrainer 03-26-2007 6:46 AM

Hi xbones <BR> <BR>1 <BR>Get up early and hit the glass water at 8.00 hours. <BR> <BR>2 <BR>Take your approach only half the distance. <BR> <BR>3 <BR>Maximize your edge and speed after the first 1/2. <BR> <BR>4 <BR>Early gain of speed kills it all. <BR> <BR>Start from there things you mentioned.

slamminp 03-26-2007 5:08 PM

Your technique doesn't look too bad, I was expecting much worse. <BR> <BR>You already mentioned what you need to perfect it, mainly your progressive edge. You want to have the most speed and greatest line tension at the top of the wake. This way you will utilize the pull of the tower in the most effective way, maximizing air time and height. <BR> <BR>As for pop, the key to learning this is experience. I could tell you to bend your knees and extend your legs at the right moment on the release, but that wouldn't do you much good. It's all about developing a feel for the wake which only experience will give you.

pucktowake 05-10-2007 1:28 PM

You seem to stop cutting right before you hit the wake resaulting in a weird launch. Try to cut all the way through

ronnyboy27 05-10-2007 3:55 PM

When I was first wakeboarding I kept hearing the term progressive edge. This means to gain more and more speed as you hit the wake. In Detention Shaun Murray exagerates it and then it made sense. This is what you are lacking. Also you will never progress until you start hitting your toeside edge. Just try it going back instead of just ride back to toeside.

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