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summer 03-23-2007 6:22 PM

Hello! <BR>I'm new to riding and would like to learn. I'm not sure which board is better for me start out on. I'm torn between the O'Brien Vixon and the Liquid Force Diva Board. <BR>Any opinions between the two or if you think another board is cool. <BR>Thanks for your help!

kylielogan 03-24-2007 3:59 PM

Any chance you can demo some boards before you buy? That's the best way to go and most places would give you a credit on the demo fee toward a board purchase. And hey - welcome to wakeboarding!

greg_sa 03-26-2007 4:58 AM

It depends on your height and weight... <BR> <BR>I wouldn't buy a total beginner board, rather get something that won't stop you progressing. <BR> <BR>What about the Liquid Force Melissa? Its a nice setup. Or what about the Substance 134? It is a very well liked board for the last few years. You can choose guy boards too... more variety :D <BR> <BR>My girlfriend rides the 2006 Cadence 134 (same as the Substance).

criswb 03-26-2007 9:01 AM

Try and demo as much boards as yuo can... even if its not the same thing youre gonna get, try to demo different types... continuous and 3 stage rockers, different fin setups etc so you can get an idea about what you like. The new LF Diva has the omega mold which is what ben greenwood rode last year, so its hardly a just for beginners board. <BR> <BR>I recently got a chance to try the LF Melissa and its a great board. It has good pop and super soft landings... they were very soft even though I was riding on very choppy water. I ride the LF Cadence and would highly recommend the substance... <BR> <BR>I havent had a chance to try the new LF Jett but Ive only heard good things about it. <BR> <BR>What is your height and weight? that will determine what size board to get...

michelelef 03-26-2007 9:02 AM

I also ride the 2006 Cadence 134 and love it! It is an awesome board, and it was my first board too. Great to learn on but I also have been able to progress with it. <BR> <BR>Good luck!!

summer 03-26-2007 6:43 PM

I am around 5'4 average 130 pounds. <BR>I have no idea how to try out boards. I may call around and see about that. I had no idea I could buy the Guy boards.There are so many cool boards out there for the boys. <BR>Thank you for all of the tips. I'm going to decide on something and sign up for a ski class here in town. I'm quite excited to get out there. <BR>Thank you!

kylielogan 03-27-2007 9:57 AM

a "ski" class? no, no, and no! ride! <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/lol.gif" border=0> i ride the LF substance 138 (guy's board) and love it. to try out boards, just call the board/boat shops that carry wakeboards and tell them you want to demo some boards. they'll set you up with a board and bindings. then you can let them know what you like/don't like about the set up and they can help you decide on a board that's good for you.

ambie 03-29-2007 8:30 AM

I went from the 134 sudstance(cadence) to the 136 jett. It os a step up from the cadence but all the girls on the team who were on the cadence have gone onto ride the Jett. It is a great board! <BR>Keep an eye ut for Maven sessions in your area where you can try any board you like.

03-29-2007 11:53 AM

i'm a fan of guys boards also... i ride the premier 131 &amp; 136

wakegirl12 03-31-2007 7:04 PM

I ride the Liquid Force Diva..and I really like it. I just got it, but so far, it rides very nicely. <BR> <BR>(Message edited by wakegirl12 on March 31, 2007)

summer 03-31-2007 7:11 PM

Morgan, <BR>How do you like your bindings. I see you ride the Element bindings.

futurerx 04-02-2007 1:14 PM

i agree with greg..this is my second year riding and i have a substance 138 with sphinx bindings..we got a great deal from grizzly sports..it's a men's board, but i'm not a skinny girl and i liked the longer length and stability of the men's version..have fun!!

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