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knarbar 03-20-2007 4:18 PM

The local river in my town can be a paradise. Private launch noone in site for miles. Glassy water, and open land. The private launches are mostly owned by farmers farming the surrounding land. Well, for the better part of the year the river just sits. It doesnt flow too much cause theres not that much water during winter months. So yeah heres the story, went ridin sunday had an awsome day. water temp had to have been close to like 70s cause the freaking water dont move and the temp here in the valley has been mid 80s for the past week. Well all those farmers have crops and crop dusters that fly over the river and spray chemical. Plus theres about 10 dairies. During months like these the water looks pretty bad. Some of you sac town riders might know where im comming from. I honestly dont know what i was thinking i just wanted to ride bad. Got the early season anxiety i guess and the water plus weather was perfect. Got home later and all of a sudden it hit me. Dont know what it was but it hit me so hard i spent about 6 straight hours of death in the bathroom. I couldnt even hold a glass of water down. Then the next morning i woke up and felt fine. The point of this thread is that sometimes you gotta make sacrifices to do what you love. Ha and if you see a rider w three eyes or an extra limb hey my names dave. ha, think ill wait for the snow to melt b4 I decide to die again.

otiswunguy 03-20-2007 4:45 PM

Thats nasty!! I say ride like you are in Mexico and don't drink the water.

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