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xtremebordgurl 03-20-2007 8:38 AM

Here in Orlando and LOVING every minute of it! Also I got to see a mock up of the first issue of The Standerd and it is incredible! You guys are going to love it! <BR> <BR>Also something that might interest everyone is that The Standerd is looking for submissions, its not just letchworth and meddock photography but a high level of imagery of our sport from everyone. <BR> <BR>What do you guys think? Pretty sweet concept?

xtremebordgurl 03-20-2007 2:04 PM

any thoughts? anyone?

wakeboarder2687 03-20-2007 2:27 PM

That is a good idea. I think it could show all sides of wakeboarding with others submitting. Looking forward to getting my first issue. <BR>Lucky you're in Orlando, picked up another 8 or so inches here in new england.

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