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tings00 03-19-2007 2:58 PM

i am throwing together a dvd of all our wakeboarding from 2006 and the family time on the boat. I was hoping to get advise on some songs to use for the riding parts. <BR>Its a family vid so songs with clean lyrics for the most part and not to hard of rock. I want it to sound good but not annoy people. <BR>Some of the music i used for last years dvd were simple plan(perfect), nickleback(far away and photograph), greenday (when i come around), Fallout boy (sugar were going down swinging), and sugarcult (memory) <BR> <BR>any help would be great

clayton191 03-19-2007 5:41 PM

seeing your previous list, I would feel comfortable saying you could use: <BR> <BR>The Postal Service, old late-90's everclear, sublime, 311, and the chemical brothers. <BR> <BR>I'm a big "hard rock" / punk kinda guy though, so you might not be interested in my opinions <IMG SRC="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/happy.gif" ALT=":-)" BORDER=0>

drewsnautique94 03-19-2007 5:46 PM

ac/dc -thundestruck rocks..i play it every time i ride

bbking 03-19-2007 6:35 PM

well if your looking for a song that'll be okay for everyone... i like <BR> <BR>times like these by: foo fighters

tings00 03-20-2007 8:47 AM

thanks guys, <BR>i am throwing thunderstruck on there and a few songs from the GD american idiot album. and will probably go with some sublime. <BR> <BR>any other ideas.

nickdakoolkat 03-20-2007 3:33 PM

gnarls barkley-crazy

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