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moomba_man 03-18-2007 2:16 PM

I want to switch out the fins on my 06 Flame with some .75 Absolute fins. The stock 1.9 fins are too long and I'm not ready to ride finless yet. Does anybody know where I can buy these online? Buywake is out of stock and I can't find them any place else.

wkbrdr 03-18-2007 2:29 PM

i can check i probably got some extra i could sell you, or i know my local shop has them too...

wakeslife 03-18-2007 5:53 PM

My buddy got some RFC slider 1 inchers for his flame, and they've been working out pretty good for him...

moomba_man 03-18-2007 7:53 PM

Cool, I wasn't sure if the RFC fins would fit my board, but I'll check them out. <BR> <BR>mjw - If you still have some CWB fins under 1 inch, I might be interested in buying them from you. Let me know.

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