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j3t_m3ch 03-17-2007 10:38 AM

Ok....Last year I bought the close toe Murrays. My bindings before that were Parks and they seem to have alot more support/stiffness. I'm going to sell the Murrays since I don't even use them and get a diff pair. Are the 3DS alot stiffer boot? Are they more compairable to the Parks? Thanks

wakehopper 03-17-2007 12:01 PM

I do not know if they are more like the parks, but I do know I like them way better than the murrays. I got to demo both last year and I like the support of the 3ds a whole lot more. They Murrays to me were way to easy to come out of and no support at all.

closedtoe 03-17-2007 2:02 PM

The 3DS are even stiffer than the murrays. If you want a closed toe that has more flex you might want to look at the Ronix Scout or LF shanes.

garret_s 03-17-2007 2:42 PM

Ok, I feel like I can comment here, since I have been able to ride both of these extensively. <BR> <BR>The Murrays don't have nearly as much "stiffness" to them as the 3DS, but they are a TON better fit to my feet. I actually blew out a pair of murrays, and the first time I stepped into the 3ds, I wondered if I had gotten a size too large, because they feel like freaking caverns in the toe portion. The problem is that you can't get enough pressure with the lace system in the lower foot, so the close-toe is essentially useless. However, they have more support up higher on the leg, but that is not really my style because I like to have a free range of motion, so that is all personal preference. I never really had any issues with not having enough support with the murrays, and in fact, I just recently gave the 3DS back to the dealer, and picked up 07 murrays. <BR> <BR>Also, one thing to consider is that I had a TON of problems with the 3ds laces loosening as I was riding: the little cinch deal was really badly designed, and would allow the laced to get really loose after about 5 minutes of riding. It got so bad that I actually had one foot fly out on multiple occasions, one of which being a tantrum landing, in which my ankle felt nearly broken afterwards, and took about 2 weeks to recover (just a sprain). <BR> <BR>However, everyone has different experiences. My friend swears by them...so take your pick. But please, do not take advice from anyone who has not been able to ride both, because they will just spit out whatever propaganda that others have passed on...

xtremebordgurl 03-17-2007 3:10 PM

I rode the Murrays before for a week while at the boarding school and thought they were the best things ever. That summer I went to buy the Murrays and my dealer had me try on the 3Ds and I LOVED them! Even more than the Murrays. They are super stiff anf offer a lot of support, they are the newer closed toe version of the old Highbacks. I haven't had any problems with them and I feel that my 3Ds fit perfectly, super snug even into the toe. My only complaint is that they come too high up on my leg and cut into my calves, but thats what I get for riding a guys boot. I'm looking forward to trying the Ronix Rise, FINALLY a high end boot for the ladies!!!

j3t_m3ch 03-17-2007 7:40 PM

Thanks for all the info you guys....and gal! I definately want bindings stiffer than the murrays. For me its like what Garret said...it feels like the toe end isn't supportive at all(except for you it was 3DS). I thought I would love them but I didn't have a chance to demo them b/c there are no board shops close to us. I wish I could demo those 3DS's.....maybe try the board too. Thanks for the info everyone. Any other suggestion/experiences would be great hearing too! thanks again

dudeman 03-18-2007 6:33 AM

Tried both on at the boat show for about 15 minutes each. Liked the 3DS better for the stiffness so I bought those. My feet are pretty wide, so the toe area didn't feel loose at all. Have only had a chance to get a couple of sets on them, but I love them. They do dig into the calf if you tighten them down too much though.

hawkeye7708 03-18-2007 6:57 AM

I tried out the Murray boots when i was looking for a new pair, the murray's weren't bad, but i didn't think that they supported me at all, and there was lots of space in the foot area overall. Theres also A LOT more hardware on the murray's, and i have my own saying of wakeboarding bindings: "More stuff on em, more stuff to break off" so i was kinda leery on the Murray's. The 3DS were really supportive all through the foot, there is a lil toe room, but its really no big deal the footbed is soo cushy, realy helped me ride longer and try to go bigger on my tricks and the ankle support is AMAZNG. I havnt tried any of the LF or Ronix boots, but between the two you asked about, i think the 3DS blows the Murray away.

lastemperor 03-19-2007 8:59 AM

I tried the Murrays on--fit my feet great, the 3DS squeezed the life out of my arch--same with the Watsons. But, my Sphynx fit me great. I've got wide feet. Boots soften with time, too, so it also depends on how long you havce them. Either way, go with what feels best. Sell them if they don't work.

jwr 03-19-2007 12:47 PM

I guess I would be Garrets friend who swears by the 3DS. I have ridden both, and the 3DS feels like I am actually connected to the board, and I get a lot of support and control, whereas with the Murray (not to hate on him or his boots) I feel like I am standing on the board rather than connected to it. And the way they tighten, it feels like I have 3 pressure points on my feet instead of being spread out over the boot. I had to ride a pair a few weeks ago because my 3DS are being warranteed, and I definetly missed my 3DS. But on the up side for the Murray�s, I haven�t ever been knocked out in them, they release me after hard impact, but my 3DS has knocked me out before letting me go before. And side note, if you like the 3DS check out the Ronix Cell bindings, Chad Sharpe designed them both and I bet they are sick. <BR>Good luck finding some boots.

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