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joeshmoe 03-17-2007 8:48 AM

what is the best water to wakeboard in around st.loius? i will be in st. loius for a week in april and know nothing of the area, any information would help

garret_s 03-17-2007 10:54 AM

you could try the muddy mo, there are people who swear by it. Otherwise, there is lake St. Louis, but I think that is private?

jmuthafnp 03-17-2007 4:13 PM

Lake St. Louis is private. The Mississippi River is your best bet, but it's still gonna be really cold. I checked the water temp today on my way home from our indoor clinic. It's a balmy 40 degrees. Get a hold of me, we may be able to try to set something up for you.

nbeihl 03-17-2007 9:53 PM

April = Freezing in St Louis. I have gone out on 1 April for the past 2 years and it was painful. It is usually comfortable by the beginning of May. If you are looking for the best wakeboarding, you need to get in the car and travel 30 min to the town of New Athens, IL. There is a river called the Kaskaskia River. It is as smooth as glass 99% of the time. It gets no better than that, except maybe the Brazos River west of Fort Worth.

joeshmoe 03-18-2007 8:00 AM

thanks for the info, <BR>the kaskaska river sounds like it would warm up before the mighty mississippi. <BR>i will be in st. louis the second week in april to visit family( no one in the family rides) <BR>the water temp. doesn't really matter, but i think air temp. would have to be in the 70's to ride

cadethockey10 03-18-2007 4:18 PM

It'll be hit or miss, it snowed yesterday, and today it's around sixty . . . . <BR>By the second week in April, it should be 70's for sure, but you can never be certain with midwest weather.

hyperlite1622 03-22-2007 9:54 PM

ya your best bet for glass is the kaskaskia and itll be a lil warmer but the mississippi is where i ride most of the time and if u get in at alton and go up the illinois its great riding. but like everyone said its still pretty cold.

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