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key_daddy 03-13-2007 2:05 PM

How is the lower elevation going to affect the lake there this summer? I didnt know if some of the docks would even be floating this year or not because they are lowering the lake so much. I ride on Dale Hollow and i was guessing that it will be very busy the next couple of years because the lake will be such a mess.

saroberts70 03-14-2007 5:39 PM

Chris. Where on dale hollow do you ride?

phat_in_cincy 03-14-2007 8:26 PM

There was a blurb on the news about the Army Corp of Engineers extending many of the main marina boat ramps. Personally, I still think there will be a lot of water (it's a big lake), but many of the coves won't be what they used to be.

key_daddy 03-14-2007 8:38 PM

Rob i ride in Roberts, Kyle Branch, Dale Hollow,"The Oil Holler". I live about a mile from the dam so i am up there about every day. Where do you ride at when you are there? And i hope that there will be lots of glass there for you guys this summer it sucks things are going the way they are up in KY.

supra24ssv 03-15-2007 5:17 AM

it is fine, many of the ramps have been fixed, most if not all the marinas are fine, at 2/3 it's normal size it is still much larger than most lakes, do a search i posted some pics on a earlier thread

saroberts70 03-15-2007 9:54 AM

Chris. I ride Obey river. I Have a houseboat at sunset dock. We are bracing for a big crowd this year. It was boarder line crowded last year.

ironcross25 03-20-2007 12:30 PM

what are the most crowded times at dale hollow??

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