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klp_what 03-08-2007 1:53 PM

I have the cannon elura 100 camera which is not the best camera, but is still fairly good and captured it to my mac with firewire. Then edited my video and it looks good on quicktime and my display in final cut. but when I transfer it to the iDVD and burn it the picture comes out sharp, but the image leaves trails almost like the frames were not blened together exactly. I am new to this but I chose the best quality I can get and it looks like crap on both the videos I have made. I have been searching through the manual for a while now to find out how to fix it, but cant figure it out. Also when I say the images were not blended together right i mean that there are lines across the screen that dont match up. Please help, thanks.

cali_rider 03-08-2007 2:43 PM

maybe try the deinterlace filter, that sometimes works. Add it to all the footage then export

klp_what 03-08-2007 3:30 PM

Thanks i will try that

richd 03-08-2007 3:46 PM

That's an iDVD problem not Final Cut and since iDVD gives you no control over any of the encoding process I think you'll have to experiment, as Travis pointed out, with your video before it's get's compressed to mpeg2 by iDVD. <BR> <BR>One thing you didn't mention is how you're going from Final Cut to iDVD. If you're exporting your video via a reference movie or straight from the timeline to iDVD try exporting your video first as a selfcontained QT file and then importing into iDVD outside of Final Cut. If you're doing it that way already try the first procedure. It shouldn't make a difference but I seem to remember that one of those methods above doesn't work well with iDVD (I think the first).

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