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shaggystud06 02-23-2007 4:47 PM

Hey everyone, I go to Texas Christian University and we have been trying to get a wakeboard team started,(about 4 years now) but it keeps getting turned down. A major factor they say is the risk issue, but we dont understand how we have a 5million $ insurance policy lined up, professional coaches, drivers and a private lake with no other boats, and they still disapprove us while rugby is allowed to continue after having numerous injuries. Any club presidents have information on how many injuries their club has had in the past? Any of that information would be great and helpful! You can email me at <a href="mailto:a.b.whisenhunt@tcu.edu">a.b.whisenhun t@tcu.edu</a> or just post on here. Again any help or information you have would be amazing. Thank you. <BR> <BR>Austin Whisenhunt

chadricko 03-06-2007 5:06 PM

Austin, <BR>My name is Chad McInnis i am the president and driver for the Sac State wakeboard team. We have had only one freak accident in the past three years. pretty good I would say. however the accident was that a member was riding and managed to knock his three front teeth out. He is still trying to get the insurance that we have for the team to contribute to their part of his dental bill. <BR>Hope the stats help or maybee not. good luck.

behindtheboat 03-07-2007 7:49 AM

Set up a preventative action plan. Have assigned safety swimmers, registered CPR members, etc. I would look at any documentation available from current or previous clubs that had to do with water. Take their safety precautions into mind and come to the board with a precise plan as to how safety will be assured, and use the current or previous clubs policies as examples. Most schools I've dealt with mostly worry about the water aspect. Goodluck, and if they never let you in, fund yourself. You'll end up with more freedom anyway.

kstateskier 03-14-2007 9:14 PM

Over the 6+ years I have been around college skiing, I've only seen a few serious accidents. I would say that there is probably 1 injury per 100 skiers at an average tournament. That would include jump. Wakeboarding may be a little higher, but not much.

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