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oopsds92 02-09-2007 11:36 AM

i dont really understand how load and release works. can someone help me out here. i want to try a backroll this summer but i dont really know how to initiate the rotation. any help would be great! <BR>thanks

rockstar820 05-06-2007 8:07 PM

U want to cut hard to the wake, then stand tall and when you hit the wake,lean towards your right and throw the board out behind you. from the speed of the boat the angle of the rope and you throwing the board back you naturally rotate.

ispair 05-07-2007 5:34 PM

Rockstar, I assume you are referring to heal side left foot forward boarder?

jusstty 05-07-2007 6:16 PM

You should cut in hard, leaning on the line building tension, when you reach the top of the wake and you push up you should release the tension of the line and this should catapult you in to the air, if your trying a backroll you should throw your shoulders down and in the opposite direction you are traveling. Good Luck!

rockstar820 05-07-2007 7:18 PM

yes. sorry about that.

blakep 05-07-2007 10:28 PM

for a backroll you should only cut out about 15-20 feet, if you cut out to far you will start to let of your edge before you leave the wake. make sure you drift in to the wake slow at frirst then load the line (edge hard) just before the trough of the wake. edge all the way up through the top of the wake. edge almost away from the boat, push your hips up twords the sky and look up over your lead sholder this will start your rotation. leave standing tall and keep a tall position for the whole rotation, this will give you the pop and momentum you need to complete the rotatation. also make sure to hold the handle close to your body. to stop your rotation let the handle out a little bit and push it out twords the flats.

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