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curtbernstein 02-06-2007 11:03 PM

Now I've heard of wrapped, and heelside and strange variations.. but can a regular toeside pete rose be taken a step furthur into a pete 5? For some reason I want to say yes, but when I think about it, I can't reacall ever seeing it done anywhere... Someone's gotta know something about this...

wakeeater2003 02-07-2007 1:31 PM

Phillip Soven does them. There is some footage of Byerly doing one in the video switch 22. Super old school. ALso I have seen CHad Sharpe do them in videos. They don't look as cool as the regular pete. Later, Mike

liquid_force24 03-11-2007 1:04 AM

a hs pete rose is called a mobyclit!!! <BR> <BR>Tom Fooshee does them off the water on cable with a indy grab!!!

jason_ssr 03-13-2007 2:05 PM

or a KGB for the rest of us.

bflat53212 03-14-2007 7:37 AM

jason G....lol...nice!

wakeboarder2687 03-14-2007 2:41 PM

My understanding of a pete rose is a ts backroll frontside 360. Would a heelside pete rose not be a regular back mobe (hs backroll frontside 3)? KGB is hs backroll backside 3, correct?

liquid_force24 03-17-2007 1:44 AM

yer but a ts backroll is a hs tanno!!! <BR> <BR>therefore a pete rose hs is a mobyclit (hs tanno + fs 360)!!!!

wakeboarder2687 03-17-2007 4:09 AM

tanno meaning tantrum? <BR>sorry I dont know the cable terms, but that makes sense. I can see how a ts backroll rotation is similar to a hs "tanno", especially on cable. I was breaking it down to what the trick was, not so much how it looked. I would say you are right then, if that is the name given to it. With an indy grab? Any video, or sequence?

liquid_force24 03-17-2007 4:51 AM

nah, well i dont have any!!! <BR> <BR>he also throws down... <BR>- nuclear slim chance 5s <BR>- method skeezer 5s <BR>- heart attacks (s-bend + bs 3) <BR>and whirly 7 off the kicker!!!

thane_dogg 03-27-2007 2:29 PM

I know randall does a pete 5 off the dub in Natural Born Thrillaz.

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