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wakeboardtrainer 01-20-2007 2:27 AM

Hi there, I am a 46-senior, things are not going as quick as i want. <BR>I read lots of it on this forum, looks the juniors face the same problems as i do. <BR>I am trying, tantrum, HS-br and TS-fr. All face much too early initiation, no pop. <BR>I am getting into my 3th season and have a stable ride, no fear. I have a long history on high wind ocean wind surfing so water is my hobby. <BR>Never learned to get a pop or good pop, possibly due to compensating with board speed versus a small wake, this still suffers me. We know have a XL SAN210 wake and i have to control the board speed to handle this wake. <BR>Further the 3 tricks above, again and again land in 3/4 of the rotation, no progress. Also eyes closed as my brain controls them as appears. <BR>As soon as april comes, in general i am going to practice a steady approach, ride up and then pop and then start the rotation. End of last season i did not manage to do those things as it feels the time cut is that short i cant control those things in a fraction of second. I practiced total of more than 15 times each on the above rolls. Shorter approach with less speed seems to give better control. Edging in hard early or late is easy when sitting, bringing this sitting position to the standing tall position for the pop looks easy but is crap for me, i cant control that. Timing is the thing but a second is rather short. So i am know when edging in, trying to have the tall position all the way so there is more rest and more time left to get a good approach. You can feel/think you stand tall but its still angled knees, crap, and no pop. Lots of friends advice but they are not consistent in their advice. <BR>It is not easy to explain but i give it a try. <BR>Major question does anybody recognize those problems and how are the solved.

jason_ssr 01-22-2007 7:00 AM

Yep, easy problems to fix. Focus on line tension. it doesnt really matter how fast you go or how perfect your body position is. All that matters is that you have strong tension on the line when you leave the wake. Tension is easy to achieve but hard to keep. You need good timing and technique to keep it through your cut. You do this with what is called a progressive edge. this means you cut out and then slowly cut back in, increasing tension as you come into the wake. Time it so that you have maximum tension as you hit the wake. If you gain too much tension too early, it will get out of control and you have to let off your edge to remain stable. This loses the tension therefore no pop. <BR> <BR>Make sure you are using a non-stretch wakeboard rope, then practice the timing required to maintain tension in the line through the entire cut by using a progressive edge.

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