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greg_sa 01-18-2007 7:01 AM

Hi, <BR> <BR>I have read alot of info on how to get good "pop", but I have a question (for HS W2W jumps)... <BR> <BR>I know that I am letting off my edge when a approach the wake to stand tall, so that is probably why I'm not getting pop. At the moment, in order to stand tall, I level-out the board and loose the edge (and line tension). <BR> <BR>What I am wondering is... As I ride up the wake, and start straightening my legs, should I still be leaning back? So at the top of the wake, I am standing fully tall, but leaning back to keep the line tension? Or should my toes be pointing up> (to be able to dig my heels in) <BR> <BR>Anyone have a pic of a rider at the top of the wake (side view) that can show his posture? <BR> <BR>Any help would be great, <BR>Cheers, <BR>Greg

jason_ssr 01-18-2007 9:00 AM

Its just timing. If you lose the load when standing tall you are standing tall too early. You can Maintain load while standing tall and popping. You are just allowing the tension in the rope to pull you into a taller position. However, if you get to the tall position too soon, then the tension is lost as you adjust the edge to keep from being pulled onto your face. thats why you wait til the last possible nano-second to stand tall. Thats why you hear "wait on it" all the time.

pottsy 01-18-2007 6:42 PM

you want to keep your edge all the way through. You can let off a little bit, but make sure you dont flatten. Watch some videos of pro riders, and watch their spray. It doesnt stop until they are in the air. Like jason said, its timing too. When you get it the first time, you'll feel it in your legs. Kinda like launching off your first D-up. Its an amzing feeling.

greg_sa 01-18-2007 10:44 PM

Thanks for the tips... I have felt the "Pop" before, but its always been when I haven't stood tall (thats how I kept the strong edge) - but because my knees were bent, the board basically shot my knees up and I lost balance. <BR> <BR>My problem is holding enough edge into the wake, and then standing tall. <BR> <BR>All in all, I think I just need to focus on standing tall and keeping line tension. <BR> <BR>I'll see how things go this weekend, hopefully. I am also getting used to the wake of a different boat (outboard small wake vs SN2001).

pottsy 01-22-2007 9:05 AM

practicing edgingthrough the wake without the jump and let your knees absorb the wake. Then do the exact same thing but stand tall. It should work.

marbles 01-23-2007 6:59 PM

Did Jason say, "lose your load"?

dudeman 01-24-2007 11:34 AM

Yes he did. No good can come from losing your load to quick.

khollin1 02-12-2007 2:56 PM

that's right, you gotta "wait on it" before you lose that load

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