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bbking 01-14-2007 7:12 AM

hey my sister is turning 18 in march and i'm not sure if i should try to get her a wakeboard or what. I felt bad when she had to use my board and bindings (size 12!) and I thought that maybe if I got her a package she may want to try it a little more. <BR> <BR>The only reason I am not sure that I should get her a board is because I don't know if its something she really enjoys or not. When I asked her last time on the boat I couldn't tell if she was serious or not that she liked it. I thought maybe if I got her a board she could try it and see if she likes it as much as me instead of kneeboarding and doing pointless 360s. <BR> <BR>I'd really like a girls opinion on this and I want to make sure that I'm not pushing her into wakeboarding but she does dirtbike so she may like wakeboarding too. (Note: she has wakeboarded and can get up and ride) <BR> <BR> <BR>ask any questions please and if you think its possible direct me to a nice but not to expensive package board. Thanks!!!

kylielogan 01-14-2007 2:38 PM

i think she'd like it! buying her a starter package of her own would probably give her a little more incentive to keep trying it too. i know i wouldn't try something too often if i always had to borrow someone else's gear.

bbking 01-14-2007 5:02 PM

what about this... since $300 is kinda expensive and i'm only 15 and i don't know if she'll dig it, what if i got her her own bindings that fit her? i don't have an advanced i kinda have a beginner/intermediate (omega 139") but would just bindings be smarter? thanks

aliwake 01-14-2007 6:01 PM

bindings are a great idea - they make such a big difference! she'll actually start being able to control the board, and then start having more fun. <BR>you might be able to find a good package deal that would be almost as cheap as boots alone though. <BR>you sound like an awesome brother - i think she'll be stoked whatever you decide to do! <BR> <BR>might be something 2nd hand that would suit too, like this? <BR>http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/8/387482.html?1163449712 <BR> <BR>(Message edited by aliwake on January 14, 2007)

kylielogan 01-14-2007 10:06 PM

i agree with alice ... you do sound like an awesome brother! i'm sure she'll be stoked whatever you buy her - it's always fun to get your first "own" gear, no matter what it is. way to get another girl into the sport!

bbking 01-15-2007 2:29 PM

i'll look around and try to find out her shoe size and such... but if she wears m/l i may get that package <BR> <BR>thanks for the help!

ashleyo 01-16-2007 3:37 PM

you can also go to your local shop and pick up a used combo for a pretty decent price. and like kylie said its fun to get your own gear. so dont worry about it...she'll like whatever you get her =)

heatherjohnson 01-17-2007 9:01 PM

I would check out the Hyperlite 2007 Divine with 2007 symbol boots. You can buy it in a package deal from Performance Ski and Surf in Orlando FL. for $299.99 <BR>The Divine is a great board for beginer to intermediate riders, and the Symbol boot is very adjustable and easy to get into and easy to get out of! Hope this Helps! Heather J

nancy 02-12-2007 7:51 AM

What is her shoe size and weight. I may be able to help you out. I have few board and bindings for sale. Check my threads. <a href="mailto:jreeves@link2000.net">jreeves@link200 0.net</a>

lexirunner 02-12-2007 1:50 PM

I started out on a Liquid Force Substance 134 and i still use it now (with the exception of last summer because I was pregnant), but it's great for starting out and for more advanced tricks if she's into it! I recommend the Liquid Force Ultra Sucks for bindings because they're so easy to get in and out of and its like riding on pillows!

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