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fbricard 01-02-2007 1:58 AM

Hi there, <BR> <BR>wanted to ask for some recommendations on bindings for the wife. <BR> <BR>She's been riding the '05 LF Minx for some time now and wants to change. <BR> <BR>We've tried the CWB '07 Sage &amp; Ember but she wasn't too nuts about them. And whats with their oversized footbeds? <BR> <BR>Also tried the OBrien Women Xenon '07 which were real nice as well. <BR> <BR>Anything else to recommend? LF Minx this year are comfy and finally come with heel kidneys, but they are heavier compared to the other few above, so probably will not get them. She's got pretty small feet, fits an XS on the OBrien's, S for the Minx. <BR> <BR>Thanks and happy new year

wakegenie 01-02-2007 9:00 PM

Melissa Marquart came out with a pro modle binding this year, I don't have first hand but how bad could them be (they are probably similar to the minx)<a href="http://www.wakeworld.com/boots/getboot8.asp?ProductID=3670" target="_blank">http://www.wakeworld.com/boots/getboot8.asp?ProductID=3670</a>

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