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wakeboardnut 01-01-2007 3:45 PM

Hey, <BR> <BR>I know the admin of this site was setting up that wakespace thing and was going to slowly make subtle changes. <BR> <BR>but the ad in the new wakeboardmag for wake-space.com and boardersparadise, is that affilated with Daves idea? or was he ripped off?

scott_a 01-01-2007 5:45 PM

Not affiliated at all. <BR> <BR>wake-space.com = boarders-paradise.com <BR>wakespace.com = wakeworld.com <BR> <BR>Not sure who beat who to the punch, but both names are based off myspace.com, so I wouldn't say that one is ripping the other off.

anodyne 01-01-2007 7:13 PM

My guess is that wake-space.com will go nowhere... just take a look at the cope &amp; mcphetres and boardersparadise websites. poorly organized and ghetto... Dave should be able to put to sleep wake-space.com overnight.

wakeworld 01-01-2007 11:30 PM

They are not affiliated. I began the process of converting our community into something bigger and better back in October of 2005, which is when I registered the wakespace.com domain name.

wakeboardnut 01-02-2007 1:06 AM

thats what i thought i heard you say before, what crooks.

wakeboardnut 01-02-2007 1:07 AM

sorry dont want to stir anything up either, yes i know the "space" thing has been done, but so many other have branched off it its almost like a "genre" , if that makes any sense.

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