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ord27 01-01-2007 2:48 PM

I was searching to see if any colleges offer wakeboarding scholarships <BR>I found alot that have waterski teams and offers, but no wakeboarding <BR>my kids are still young, but it's never to soon to start thinking about things <BR>anyone here know of wakeboard specific college teams?

blind 01-01-2007 5:12 PM

cliff,I think UNT does but not 100% sure.

malibuboarder75 01-02-2007 8:25 AM

Texas A&amp;M has a club. Unfortunately we just started last semester. We can't offer scholarships, but we have a lot of good riders. Most who are freshman. We do have a 2001 as a team boat.

mkrueger313 01-02-2007 12:03 PM

A lot of midwest universities have club teams. That means they cannot give scholarships however the tournaments are fun and the parties are out of control. I go to the University of Wisconsin- Whitewater and we have an annual wakeboard tournament in the spring. There are some big teams all over the country at the different universities.

gotwake123 01-02-2007 3:50 PM

alot of florada collages do i looked it up

hunter_b 01-02-2007 5:14 PM

You can take wakeboarding as your PE Credit at Texas State university. 2hours twice a week on cable at TSR.

hoosairboy 01-02-2007 5:21 PM

No- no schools offered wb scholarships as of this school year. I have looked for my niece.

maliburider456 01-02-2007 5:24 PM

the university of florida has a great wakeboarding team and i want to go there but i live in north carolina and out of state cost a lot

behindtheboat 01-03-2007 6:38 AM

Most Southern schools have wakeboard specific teams, and in the future I'm sure almost all will. But in reality, there will never be scholarships offered for wakeboarding. If there happened to be, it would be a small percentage and those would all go to pro's of that time, who would probably be better off not going to school. There are only a handful of schools left that offer waterski scholarships, and those all go to pros. Your best bet would be to see what organizations affiliated with wakeboarding offer yearly scholarships for a lucky member. Good luck.

ord27 01-03-2007 7:30 AM

thanks for all of the posts!

skiboarder 01-03-2007 10:16 AM

There are only a few schools that offer waterski scholarships, and A-dub is right they only go to bad-to-the-bone skiiers. <BR> <BR>But look into student athelete scholarships. If your kid is riding pro wakeboarding and taking a full load of classes there is a lot of money out there. USA Waterski gives out scholarships. I got it one year.

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