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wakebum8488 12-30-2006 9:14 AM

i keep hearing about how 3-stage rockers give the best pop yet some of the most explosive riders use continuous rockers like sharpe and rusty. ne input on preferance and what i should look for in my next board?

blind 12-30-2006 9:41 AM

continuous rockers have much more predictable pop of the wake,

dakid 12-30-2006 9:45 AM

predictability isn't found in boards. it can be accomplished by applying proper fundamentals each time. <BR> <BR>3-stage = more up than out, generally slower, harder landings <BR> <BR>continuous = more out than up, softer landings

awl 12-30-2006 9:55 AM

When I was first learning a salesmen sold me Parks (latest and greatest. Whatever!) I didn't know the difference between 3-stage and continuous. It took me forever to get used to that board. Then I bought a 3DS and progressed faster in several months than I did in two years on the Parks. IMO you can't take advantage of the pop you get with an abrupt 3-stage until you have good fundamentals. IMO you will get there faster on a continuous.

fuller313 12-30-2006 10:58 AM

IMO you might wan't a mixture of both. A 3 stage but maybe not an aggressive 3 stage. I have been riding murrays board since 96 and just this last year I switched to the premier board and loved how much more it popped. I had bought the first hyperlite parks board but didn't like how it felt like I was plowing threw the water instead of being on top. Just my two cents.

wakeriderixi 12-30-2006 11:25 AM

Continuous = predictability only because there is a much larger area to pop off of that will allow you to land your trick instead of popping all off-axis and on your head. But in a technical sense, Joe is exactly right when he said "predictability isn't found in boards".

wakedad33 12-30-2006 11:29 AM

Joe breaks it down in the most simplest terms &amp; is correct. That said, an aggressive 3 stage as in the 04 to 06 Parks board even for a fundamentaly sound rider does tend to at times have a mind of it's own.

harryhog 01-02-2007 1:19 PM

continuous is great alround, i just switched from premier to 3ds. so i agree with the predictability being in the rider, but everyone has their off days, so the continuous absorbs this! having said this, a sweet day on a 3stage, is pretty d4mn sweet!

woohoo 01-02-2007 1:23 PM

What's the difference between a progressive 3 stage and a normal 3 stage?

magellan 01-02-2007 2:20 PM


woohoo 01-02-2007 3:05 PM

That's what I guessed.

wakedad33 01-02-2007 5:37 PM

Dan, the flat spot is narrower on a abrupt 3 stage.

wakeboarder2687 01-02-2007 7:11 PM

narrower?? <BR>do you mean shorter on a subtle/progressive/blended/etc rocker? <BR>I understood it as the aggressive 3 stage had a longer flat spot, so rocker was crammed into a smaller area. I've been wrong before

wakedad33 01-02-2007 7:31 PM

Patrick, you are correct. I didn't pharse it right in my post. A lot of it depends on the board. A shorter abrupt 3 stage like the 133 Parks has a very narrow flat spot.

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