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jmuthafnp 12-22-2006 1:19 PM

Anyone know of one? I have been trying to find one to buy a X1 from, but they are either ridicoulously overpriced or the won't take my trade. Trying to sell the boat outright and not having much luck. Someone please help I need to order one before there are no more. <BR> <BR>Thanks, <BR>John

duckguy 12-22-2006 1:22 PM

Redline Madison WI 608-838-0838 Best in the BIZ <BR>Ask for Mike

insuranceman 12-22-2006 1:24 PM

john, there is a used 06 in edmond, ok. <BR> <BR>it seems pretty loaded with dual axle trailer, racks, cover and bimini and they are asking right at 39K

foilin_fool 12-22-2006 2:28 PM

The problem you will run into is ANY Good MasterCraft dealer will not sell outside of his/her territory. This is on NEW boats only, though. Used there is no territory. <BR> <BR>Shoot me an email off list: <a href="mailto:cliff@liquidsportsmarine.com">cliff@l iquidsportsmarine.com</a> <BR> <BR>Cliff

driving 12-22-2006 2:39 PM

John, <BR> <BR>Definitely look into the boys at Liquid. <BR> <BR>T

byrd 12-22-2006 3:28 PM

Liquid is where I got my boat (see profile). I have had nothing but good experiences from them and I will buy from them again when(if) I decide to upgrade...

jmuthafnp 12-22-2006 3:40 PM

Thanks T and others for the feedback. I should add that the boys over at Nebraska Watersports are an awesome group of dudes and I would have probably gotten a MC from them, but my boat is too bug for their lakes to allow them to take mine on trade. <BR> <BR>Cliff - Check your email <BR>T - Check your PM

akdoc 12-22-2006 4:09 PM

John, <BR> <BR>No love trying to sell your Tige? I thought you were going to get an RZ2. Anyway, good luck selling it.

jmuthafnp 12-22-2006 4:25 PM

Nope once it's sold or traded in, thats the last one I will own. Nothing worng with the boat itself, good size, power etc.. It just does not have what I am looking for.

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