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balti 12-20-2006 4:00 AM

Does anyone have experience with JET-DOCK floating docks and inboard boats? <BR> <BR><a href="http://www.jetdock.com" target="_blank">www.jetdock.com</a>

fox 12-20-2006 7:04 AM

I looked at them and they were out of this world expensive. I went with <a href="http://www.airdock.com" target="_blank">www.airdock.com</a> instead. What sort of application are you looking at? Hewitts and some of the other air assited lifts I think work as well and are less expensive.

c640947 12-20-2006 7:14 AM

give my dad a call (Marv) at Tiger Docks. <a href="http://www.tigerdocks.com" target="_blank">http://www.tigerdocks.com</a> He sells a modular dock system like jet dock, but specializes in wood and steel docks. Either way, you can let him know what you are trying to do and he will give you great advice, and if he doesn't have the best or cheapest product he will tell you where to get it. if you mention you found him through a post on wakeworld he will give you a discount. <BR> <BR>And they are in the process of a huge web redesign which should be done in a couple of weeks. The new site will have tons more info than the current, even though the current one is huge itself.

balti 12-20-2006 8:03 AM


acurtis_ttu 12-20-2006 8:10 AM

I agree those jet-dock floating docks are outrageously priced.

chqwakeboarder 12-20-2006 10:57 AM

(SAffer) What kind of lake are you on? The reason I ask is, if you get really any significant chop on your lake, you will have problems with a floating dock or lift system. Just my 2 cents

fox 12-20-2006 11:49 AM

No doubt on placement. I have my "lift" on a dock in the no wake zone. Even as a pontoon idles by, the little wake causes it to really move a lot. It is the reason I plan on going with a hydraulic lift this year. Shallow water sort of makes anything else a no go. <BR> <BR>I was quoted somethign like 12 grand for what I wanted when I looked at Jet Dock. It looks solid, but is really steep compared to the alternatives.

krbaugh 12-20-2006 3:48 PM

This is what I have <BR><a href="http://www.ez-dock.com/products/docksections.asp?SEGMENT=products" target="_blank">http://www.ez-dock.com/products/docksections.asp?SEGMENT=products</a> <BR> <BR>A bit more but never rots <BR> <BR>Andrew the original poster is in South Africa it might be a bit of a drive to LSL <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/wink.gif" border=0> <BR> <BR>Kevin <BR> <BR>(Message edited by krbaugh on December 20, 2006)

deepcove 12-20-2006 6:55 PM

chgwakeboarder <BR> <BR>Why do you say that? I see lifts on the ocean where I live and we can get 2' plus chop and have never seen any major issues.

supra24ssv 12-20-2006 8:29 PM

andrew <BR>nice stuff from your dad

bond 12-21-2006 9:05 AM

The only dock you need is <a href="http://WWW.ULTRADOCK.COM" target="_blank">WWW.ULTRADOCK.COM</a> Call my buddie Ethan @ Dynamic Fabricators 208-773-1787

evil0ne 12-21-2006 9:32 AM

I think he is looking for a lift, not just a dock, but I'm just guessing.

chqwakeboarder 12-21-2006 9:49 AM

Deepcove <BR>We live on a relatively large inland lake. Everyone I know who has had some sort of floating dock/lift system regrets having it(on our lake). I have heard of boats being pushed off their lifts during spring storms and I have seen boats getting tossed around just from wakes of other boats. With just my limited experience with these lifts, I have concluded that they cann't handle chop well (BTW I can be completely wrong). I just recommend talking to someone who owns such a set up in your area before purchasing.

c640947 12-21-2006 1:08 PM

kevin - good call i missed the location, but a lot of the stuff my dad sells are plans and parts to do-it-yourselfers. Even the lifts he will ship with instructions of how to put them in. he is big into custom designing the dock and providing plans and then sending everything you need except lumber. The freestanding lifts ones aren't hard to put in yourself, but yeah I admit shipping is likely expensive. Jetdock and the modular dock systems my dad sells make modules that allow you to pull a boat onto, so effectively a lift and dock in one. For where he is a modular dock may make more sense. my dad can suggest the best solution when he hears his exact situation and needs. <BR> <BR>chqwakeboarder - what you are saying about being tossed around makes sense. But there are some other considerations (some of which i am personally dealing with now, as i am trying to buy a lake house). Obviously if the water is deep or fluctuates a lot, you need floating, no way around it. However if it is shallow and relatively constant, freestanding is prob better. But consider this (my issue) - mostly constant level lake but occasionally a storm comes and the lake goes up over 2 feet (max lift height on hydraulic). There goes your boat - i have had to chase boats down in a storm before. Not cool to find it floating against rocks half a mile away (neighbor's boat.) I think the solution is to have a line you clip from dock to front tow eye when you are done using it. You could go with a free standing cable lift with leg extensions, but the cables don't have that long of a lift and to walk out and find your boat gone that way isn't cool either. <BR> <BR>Also with a freestanding dock they usually sit higher, so it is more difficult to get in and out of a boat. There are concerns either way; with docks and lifts it is usually choosing the lesser of two evils.

c640947 12-21-2006 1:11 PM

oh another thing i thought of - if you have a properly sized dock with stabilizer bars (i.e. a dock designed correctly) wave action will be significantly reduced. My dad puts stabilizer bars on all floating docks. Our dock as a kid was never that bad and LSL can get rough with all those tie walls....

westsiderippa 12-21-2006 1:55 PM

hey saffer, hows the surf over there right now. i have a really good friend that is from port elizibeth, his name is duncan , rides for oniell europe maybe you know him he went to university in cape town, 30 y/o, small world ya. also have a good friend in durban. <BR>oh ya get a hydro hoist, way more stable and you dont want to be putting your under water gear onto a jet dock, you might damage something. and here in the delta if you dont take your boat out if the water with a hoist your boat will growing green with funk overnight. but personally, my boat comes out after every session, gets wiped down and put into her cozy garage. but i worry to much.

balti 12-22-2006 12:10 AM

Hey Bryan the surf is a little unpredictable at the moment due to the change in our seasonal weather patterns. The wind has been hauling @@S here. <BR> <BR>Thanx for the info, re:docks. I aint to concerned about keeping my boat out of the water. I am looking for a float dock that I can moor my boat to. <BR>The thought of driving my 22V onto a Jet Dock has breaking out in a cold sweat! <BR> <BR> <BR>otherwise thanx for help - so far!

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