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ponyh8r 12-17-2006 8:24 PM

I was at the Tige dealer today and was looking at the new boats. The running surface of these two boats look identical from the underside. Are they pretty much the same? I was wondering really if they throw similar wakes? I like the VE when you throw tons of weight in it, it becomes pretty fun.

26lacefield 12-17-2006 10:14 PM

its the same hull from a little bit farther forward of the middle of the boat to the back.

talltigeguy 12-18-2006 7:18 AM

The RZ2 wake MIGHT be a little better because there is more weight in the nose because of extra fiberglass, but it would be nothing that can't be done with a few friends or fat sacks. <BR> <BR>The running surface is identical.

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