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maliburider456 12-11-2006 7:17 PM

are there any north carolina wakeboarders out there?

jakoerber 12-11-2006 7:18 PM

yes sir right here, but we wakeboard in south carolina bout an hours drive

maliburider456 12-11-2006 7:20 PM

o cool. i wakeboard on lake norman in north carolina and sometimes lake hartwell in south carolina. do u know where lake norman is?

burban89 12-12-2006 3:55 AM

I live on Lake Norman. I am from Anderson SC, Hartwell Lake area. Spent all my summers there.

josnow1 12-12-2006 4:02 AM

Im not North Carolina but from Clemson, SC. Not to far. Ride Keowee and Hartwell. Been wanting to plan a trip to Norman.

boardnman 12-12-2006 4:40 AM

try <a href="http://www.ENDOFROPEGANG.com" target="_blank">www.ENDOFROPEGANG.com</a> for VA,NC &amp; SC riders

wakesetter101 12-12-2006 5:19 AM

Right here. I ride at Kerr/Gaston lake.

showtime 12-12-2006 5:19 AM

we ride on Belews Lake -- was out on sunday..

malibu_monkey 12-12-2006 5:31 AM

Yep. House on Gaston, but ride at Kerr a lot too

lfboardboomer 12-12-2006 7:44 AM

Whats up. Live on Belews Lake around Greensboro North Carolina. North Carolina is also home to Pete and Andy Ward who both wakeskate. Believe Pete Ward wakeboarded back in the day.

foxrepdc 12-12-2006 8:28 AM

Wateree in SC mostly, but we do hit Wylie up.....NC end of the lake has the best coves. Hyco stays pretty nice up near G boro I hear.

malibususpect 12-12-2006 8:42 AM

i live in wilmington and ride the cape fear river mostly but i also have a place up at kerr lake so im there alot too

ncwake 12-12-2006 1:02 PM

im ride jordan lake.

cscott 12-12-2006 4:32 PM

There is a group of us that ride in Elizabeth City. Brackish river riding.

bremsen 12-12-2006 4:45 PM

We ride Mountain Island mostly, but get to Norman and Wylie a few times/seaon. We stay on Norman for a couple weeks every summer for vacation as well.

dukeno1 12-12-2006 5:58 PM

We ride Lake Tillery mostly, followed by Mountain Island and then Lake Norman occasionally!

treycleaton 12-12-2006 7:14 PM

High Rock Lake

eccpaint 12-12-2006 7:18 PM

Tuckertown, Badin &amp; Tillery

wakechick418 12-13-2006 7:26 AM

Belews Lake...BCM 4 Life!

toeside900 12-13-2006 7:53 AM

My wife and I just moved to the Winston-Salem area and I would love to find people to ride with @ Belews or High Rock. I'm a former wakeboard coach and boat driver so I can definately help with $$$, driving, and maybe coaching if you need it or want it.

jonblarc7 12-13-2006 8:15 AM

I love Belews lake. I live just down the road in High Point.

iamnathanhudson 12-15-2006 7:52 AM

Lake Gaston!!!!!!

bullet 12-28-2006 6:00 PM

Ride in Raleigh here.... Falls Lake

dudeman 12-29-2006 5:53 AM

DJ, we try to head out every weekend on Belews Lake. Shoot me a pm and we'll hook up. I'm the old dude of the bunch and the worst rider, but we have a blast. You're more than welcome anytime.

toeside900 12-29-2006 8:00 AM

Randy, thanks for the response! Sent you a PM.

dudeman 12-29-2006 9:08 AM

DJ, sent you a pm.

tooclean 01-04-2007 11:03 AM

Badin, Tillery, and an un-named lake where it is always glassy

dudeman 01-04-2007 11:10 AM

DJ, we're headed out this Saturday if you want to join us. I'll try you're cell.

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