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cal565 12-07-2006 2:34 PM

Ok here is the deal, I have decided to go back to Med School. I am currently a nurse and I plan on quiting and going back to school full time in the fall to finish my prereqs for med school. I have figured that I will be able to finish all of them within a year and then I will return back to work as a nurse for a year during the whole med school application process. My question is, Do you guys think that I should sell my boat this summer before I go back to school for my prereqs or should I hold onto it and sell it righ before I actually go to med school? It is a 2005 Sanger V210 and if I sell it this summer I know that I will be upsidedown by a few thousand in it. I don't know if 2 more years would make that much difference. I also don't know if I will be able to get enough student loans to pay for the boat note while in school. Any of your advice would be greatly appreciated.

srh00z 12-07-2006 3:16 PM

Wait untill you are about to start Med School if you can afford it, I am in my second year of med school now and there is no time to ride, so get it all in before you start. Most schools have about 6 weeks off before 1st and 2nd year and you could also jam some riding in then. My boat is older and paid for, so I have kept it for those rare moments when I do get to hit the water, but try and pack as much fun into the next few years before you make that commitment, you won't be sorry.

srh00z 12-07-2006 3:18 PM

BTW, where are you thinking of applying? I see that you are from Mississippi (I'm from Alabama). Drop me a line if you have any questions regarding the process and the life of a med student.

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