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mjmurphy53711 12-06-2006 6:21 PM

For all you Nor cal folks, Ill be back in Tahoe in 3 weeks! <BR> <BR>Looking forward to seeing some of you wakeboys on the mountain, and Im thinking maybe we will wait for February to go trunkin the delta.

dakid 12-06-2006 6:26 PM

for good?

mjmurphy53711 12-06-2006 6:33 PM

That part is up to the California Contractors License Board and the real estate market in Tahoe! Well, and of course my ability to build and retain a business (hardwood floors). <BR> <BR>But yea, I plan on spending a couple months a year back in the midwest for supporting the regional scene, and the majority of the year in Tahoe.

dakid 12-06-2006 6:37 PM

nice! we'll have to hook up. <BR> <BR>i do loans and work with realtors that could help you out. let me know if you need help. <BR> <BR>oh, and in about a year, we're gonna need your services...my gf wants wood floors. <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/wink.gif" border=0>

supratweaked 12-06-2006 8:24 PM

Welcome back to Cali mike.

knarbar 12-07-2006 12:02 PM

You doin LA boat show again mike

mjmurphy53711 12-07-2006 4:26 PM

Thanks guys, wrong Mike Dave.

knarbar 12-07-2006 4:38 PM

right on buddy sorry. Thought you were sky ski mike murphy. Guys freakin hilarious

mjmurphy53711 12-08-2006 8:41 AM


mjmurphy53711 12-31-2006 9:53 PM

WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. <BR> <BR>Im on my way baby.

guido 01-02-2007 9:09 AM

Mike, I coulda used your help last week when I had to put new floors in my place in Truckee. Where were you at then? LOL..... See you in a few.

mjmurphy53711 01-02-2007 5:51 PM

I emailed you 3 times Evan, including one about that (saw your post).

guido 01-03-2007 9:53 AM

Ha, ha, ha... I was just playing. I guess I better check my e-mail. When I go on vacation the computer gets left behind.

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