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john_prine 11-30-2006 12:26 AM

About to order a 2007 Malibu 23lsv wakesetter. We are getting the boat with- <BR> <BR>Free floating wedge <BR>8.1 450hp indmar vortec <BR>Fiberglass swim deck <BR>bimini top <BR>boat cover <BR>carpet savers <BR>docking lights <BR>6 polk speks on tower with amp <BR>8 polk speks in cabin/boat with amp <BR>2 12s JL audio subs <BR> <BR>72k OTD <BR> <BR>Anybody else have 07 wakesetter with SOMETHING GOOD TO SAY

kvanderg 11-30-2006 6:08 AM

Colby, <BR> <BR>I am considering ordering a 2007 but am trying to line up a new old stock or low hour 2006 as I like the finishing on the 06's a little bit better. Either way... same mechanicals, hull and same great wake. <BR> <BR>I currently have a 2005 23LSV and totally love the boat... as I have said in many posts... you will have to look long and hard to find a better all around boat than the 23LSV. Anyone who disagrees with that statement more than likely hasn't spent any real amount of time in, behind or around a 23LSV. <BR> <BR>IMO the 8.1L isn't required in the vast majority of cases and will make it harder to sell or trade in down the road. There is a very low % of people that get the 8.1L in a new boat (cost, maintenance, gas); therefore, an even lower % of people will want it in a used boat as there is usually a cost driver to go used. <BR> <BR>Only with 3 full ballast tanks, wedge down, and 8 people in the boat did my Hammer Head (400HP) struggle. In that case we just pulled up the wedge and filled the bow ballast tank and life was good again. Any way you slice it... it was a BIG silly wake with great shape, kick and transition. The 23LSV wake is almost impossible to screw up as far as weight placement. <BR> <BR>Look at torque curves for the various motor options (340, 400, 450HP). Its more about low end torque than high end HP. <BR> <BR>Other than that... order the 23LSV already<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/crazy.gif" border=0>

tings00 11-30-2006 7:34 AM

whats a free floating wedge

kevin_lsv23 11-30-2006 8:15 AM

It is the new manual wedge. It has two positions. Locked in the up (not in use), and loose (in use). It seems to work great.

wakesetterlsv 11-30-2006 8:42 AM

I own a 06 23 wslsv and I agree with Kevin that the 8.1 is not necessary. I have the Monsoon 340 and once re proped its plenty of motor. I run on average 3000 lbs and 6 heads and it jumps out on the hole. Also you may want to consider the power wedge for its versatility and resale.

buguru 11-30-2006 9:20 AM

John that sounds like a great price where you buying it from?

brd4fun 11-30-2006 10:23 AM

I also have a 2006 LSV with a 8.1 and would not want it any other way. Is it needed probably not but I love having it. <BR>It does not use much if any more gas than the last 5.7 340HP that I had. <BR>I would go with the Power Wedge if you have the extra cash. It rocks. <BR>You are going to love the boat.

jv210 11-30-2006 1:10 PM

I got my 07 a couple of months ago and ordered with the 5.7, and it has plenty of power even with the boat loaded. with a better prop it would be even better. I would also recommend the power wedge, and IMO I think the docking light are a waste of money, the nose is so low in the water that the lights would do nothing

johnny_jr 11-30-2006 2:01 PM

All I can say is go with all the options you can. I didn't and regret some of the decisions. From the list looks like you touched on some the ones I miss out on. Go with the 8.1L regardless of all the hype on it being too much, I already ran into a few times I wish I had more. Last think about the power wedge as well, that's one option I got and love, it really lets you refine your wake.

johnny_jr 11-30-2006 2:02 PM

Last 10 cents, your OTD is inline with all the options you detailed, that boat is going to me sweet!

malibupilot 11-30-2006 4:07 PM

Sounds like a sweet ride the way you have it. I've got a 06 247 with the 383.... seems like I always have more than enough power.... without mesing around with different props. <BR> <BR>I have the manual wedge.... I'm not 100% sure, but I think that the power wedge may have a setting that makes wakesurfing a bit better than the manual wedge.

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