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angelo_ski 11-28-2006 4:28 PM

Could I get some rider feedback/input on the '06 LSV? Wake, Boat, Comforts, etc. I am considering purchase of the '07 Outback V which is the same boat as the '06 LSV. The 07 LSV in a new design and more expensive.

jon_a 11-28-2006 5:15 PM

James, <BR> <BR>The 2007 Outback V is the same boat as the 2005 Mobius LSV, not the 2006. The Mobius LSV was redesigned in 2006 and is the same in 2007 besides a few cosmetic changes. <BR> <BR>The 2006 and newer LSV's are my favorite boat and wake that Moomba makes. Good size boat that can handle plenty of ballast. The wake shape is perfect as well. Nice transition with a good pop at the top.

angelo_ski 11-28-2006 5:22 PM

Jon, <BR>The dealer here in Rancho Cordova, CA told me that the 07 Outback V is the 06 LSV?

jon_a 11-28-2006 5:31 PM

They either have their information wrong or there was a miscommunication somewhere. I agree, it is hard to get familiar with the models with the changing of names just about every year. <BR> <BR>I am a dealer in Arkansas and very familiar with the Moomba product. The 2006 LSV and 2007 LSV have the exact same hulls and decks, just a cosmetic upgrade for 2007. I am 100% certain of this. <BR> <BR>The 2006 and 2007 Outback V is the same hull and deck as the 2005 and previous years of the Mobius LSV. I am 100% certain of this as well. <BR> <BR>If you have any questions, feel free to email me. I have used a 2006 Mobius LSV as a demo boat this past year and a 2005 Mobius LSV the year before so I am very familiar with both boats.

insuranceman 11-28-2006 5:34 PM

James, Trust me Jon knows his stuff. <BR> <BR>The 06/07 LSV it a very nice boat.

kenteck 11-28-2006 7:49 PM

I got an outback v last may and it is great, with all 3 ballast bags full it puts out a great wake, good enough for me &amp; all my friends, since nobody is a pro at boarding I couldn’t ask for a nicer boat, IMO for the money its great, its all about having fun &amp; everybody has fun in it no complaints here.

wakesetter101 11-29-2006 4:25 PM

I cant complain about my Mobius either Ken. I am more than happy with everything about this boat. The only thing i dont like is,it is a little shallow in the seating. I added 2 sacs under the front seats along with the factory 3 bag system and wake gets pretty impressive. From there all you have to do is play with the wakeplate to get the lip you want or a ramp. I dont think i would ever own another boat without a wakeplate.

mike_gilbert 11-29-2006 5:26 PM

I worked at wakeboard boot camp this summer and we had a supra launch ssv and a mobius lsv. I will say that for the price of a brand new boat its hard to beat. However, there was always something breaking on the moomba, the PP surged, the hoses would always come off the bags and flood the lockers, even the water hose to the engine came off flooding the boat and engine compartment. I was pretty unimpressed all around with the quality of the boat. The wake on the lsv was pretty good, not my stlye, but pretty big if you switch out those stock 250s for 600s. Not trying to bash, just saying if it were me I would buy a couple year old MC CC or BU.

jon_a 11-29-2006 5:37 PM

It sounds like those things were very minor and something that a dealer should have checked on their 20, 50, or 100 hour inspection if they were brought in for that. Doesn't sound like a quality problem to me. As far as the perfect pass surging, those settings can be adjusted.

kraig 11-30-2006 6:17 PM

AzWakeBrdr540- I agree with Jon, these things are pretty minor and something that a dealer or you guys in the school should have checked. Also, the connections for the bags are the exact same connections for a Supra. As long as the bags were stock, not aftermarket, then they should have the new connections that if properly attached NEVER come off. I've had mine for three years and they have never come off. Then as for the hose to the engine, definitely something that was missed by the dealer. And just like the bags, it's the same as in a Supra. Same exact engine. Now as for PP, just a setting my friend. Nothing major or broken. Sometimes it just takes a little dialing it in to get PP to work perfectly. But this shouldn't be an problem for you guys who are a wakeboard boot camp. Anything and everything should have been a no brainer for you guys!!

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