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knarbar 11-10-2006 4:43 PM

ok people need some help here been ridin for awhile and focused on inverts too much. The past couple years ive been trying to get my spins down and i want a 720 baaaaaaad. I can land 3's no problem, sometimes 5's, and ive been trying heelside fronside 7's off double ups but i cant seem to stay on balance when i leave the wake. Ive been tryin to keep hands in center of handle try to keep chin up and not look down. Just doesnt seem to work. How do you spin faster???????

tchs22 11-13-2006 11:44 AM

ok when u did a 3 u can pull the handle to ur back hip but the faster and harder u bring that handle to ur back hip the faster ull spin try that

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