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plooky 11-04-2006 1:56 PM

has anyone ridden yet wearing the 07 transits. will be getting a pair as warranty replacement as soon as they are in stock. would just like a comparison between them and 06's.

_jason_ 11-04-2006 2:39 PM

Just from what ive seen, they should be a tad more comphy and deffinatly lighter due to the "pro plate" insted of the "FAST system" plates.

factory 11-04-2006 3:38 PM

have tried them on. very comfy and lighter than my '06s. better design on the heel cup too.

aev 11-06-2006 1:55 AM

but the 06s are a comfy and tough set of boots yah? thinking of getting 06s....

_jason_ 11-06-2006 3:24 PM

What size are you looking for msv? I have a pair im selling, been used maybe for 1/3 of the season.

jhuff79 11-06-2006 4:05 PM

I have not ridden them yet, but I have a pair that I have put on a few times. They are a lot easier to get on than the 06 transits and the tighten up well. Heel hold seems like it will be better with the larger heel bumps. I have had 04 Transits which were very comfortable, but they did not hold up well (Glue separated). 06 Transits which I was not thrilled with the fit. After 15 minutes my feet would cramp( Maybe a size issue, but they were the same size as the 04s). From the feel of the trying on the 07s I am looking forward to riding the 07s next year.

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