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gpalovcak 10-30-2006 7:34 AM

Any other states have laws like this or is New Jersey the first? Could wakeboarding in NJ be next? <BR> <BR>New Jersey government is on a legislative rampage. <BR> <BR>"This bill would require persons operating or riding on a personal watercraft, popularly known as a jet ski, to wear a securely fitted protective helmet approved by the Superintendent of State police while that watercraft is underway. The superintendent would be required to adopt rules and regulations listing the specifications and types of approved helmets. Violations of this provision would be punishable by a fine of $25 for a first offense, $50 for a second offense, and $100 for a third or subsequent offense." <BR> <BR>http://www.njleg.state.nj.us/2006/Bills/S2500/2233_I1.HTM <BR> <BR>NJ helmet laws for PWCs (Sea-Doo, jet-ski, Waverunner) <BR> <BR>(Message edited by gpalovcak on October 30, 2006)

njskier 10-30-2006 9:13 AM

Hi George! <BR> <BR>When does that law take effect? <BR>I don't think the helmet will help when they run into US! <BR> <BR>Sounds like the people in Trenton need some better things to do. Just one more reason added to my list of why I will not be living in NJ after 14 more years. (When my youngest is out of school and I'm retired) <BR> <BR>Maryland.......see you in the year 2020!

timmy 10-30-2006 9:41 AM

sounds good for the helmet mfg's <BR> <BR>also easier to enforce than rules on actual operation

njskier 10-30-2006 10:33 AM

Now that I think about this more, it gives the water cops another reason to pull-over the PWC's and check for other infractions. Some of them may be substantial including no boater safety card or better yet DUI! <BR> <BR>Who knows, maybe we'll see less PWC's on the water next year! (Sorry for you PWC lovers, but I'm not one of them!) <IMG SRC="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/happy.gif" ALT=":-)" BORDER=0>

anodyne 10-30-2006 10:46 AM

Agreed Dave. Agreed. It think this is a fantastic idea... <BR> <BR>Legal argument: it is unsafe to travel at high speeds on a "motorcycle-like" craft without head protection. <BR>Alterior motive: PLEASE let it cut PWC traffic. <BR> <BR>I just don't enjoy feeling like: <BR>1. I'm going to be run over if I fall while riding <BR>2. When I come around a corner, I will be broadsided by a 60mph, teenage piloted torpedo <BR> <BR>In addition, this law will help cement the fact that Jet Skiers have zero style, and hopefully drive people away even more.

wakescene 10-30-2006 10:52 AM

Oh PLEASE let this happen! <BR>For the first time I think NJ legislators are on the right track for creating laws that actually help the public.

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