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keithkin 10-12-2006 9:52 PM

who winch skates

rkinsell 10-13-2006 10:58 AM

nice to see another Kinsella wakeboarder

bensk8in 10-13-2006 1:12 PM

I do. I did at least when we had the H.O. winch at my house. Its been a while, are you throwing out the invite? Because im there, I can run it and ride it if your offering, there is a 30ft tube rail in my backyard, just name the place. Me, Al, Brodie, and Shelby had some great sessions last november on the american river at Watt in a little cove.

keithkin 10-14-2006 1:49 PM

no i was wondering if anyone had one cause im lookin to make one

bensk8in 10-14-2006 4:16 PM

well what do you need to know, dimensions, gear sizing, everything??? What are you planning to use? I know Jacob Locken made one, then he made it badass. But I would guess that if he were to do it again, he would probably just buy one for all the trouble, but I don't know. If im correct i remember him fixing it alot.

keithkin 10-14-2006 7:22 PM

where can you buy them ive been looking for one

bensk8in 10-15-2006 1:05 PM

<a href="http://www.hypoxicfilms.com" target="_blank">www.hypoxicfilms.com</a>

keithkin 10-15-2006 2:21 PM

2000? i think ill just make one <BR>thanks for the info and ill get back to you when its done

meyerb 10-16-2006 8:19 PM

Keith, I will help with the building of a winch. pm me. <BR>bryan

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