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bfa 10-04-2006 2:32 PM

Is there a site that compares the different types of . I am looking for one for my husband. Went on the HO site and thought the Triumph looked good, any thoughts? He hasn't skied much the past couple of years but before that he was quite good. 5'8" 165lbs. <BR> <BR>Thanks

bbeach 10-05-2006 8:13 AM

What type of skiing did he do Tanya? Freeskiing, course skiing, purely recreational or competition? <BR> <BR>Your best bet would be to order a back issue of Waterski magazine where they compare the new skis, etc... But we can help on here too, just provide some more info on the type of skiing your husband wants to do...

bfa 10-08-2006 3:38 PM

Hi KState, he is a recreational skier. We have a course near where we ski but he will need a bit more practice before we try it. I was also looking at the HO Monza or the HO System 8. <BR> <BR>Thanks

lugwrench 10-09-2006 5:02 AM

In my opinion I would say the syndicate skis are much more than he needs. Unless you are getting into short line lengths in the course consistently, those two skis could actually hinder you as they can be unforgiving if the fundamentals aren't there. If you wanted to stick with HO, I would recommend either the Triumph or the Nitro. Since you would be trying the course for the first time, it would be most likely be at slower speeds and these would perform well in the 30mph range. The Nitro is actually just a System 8 that is slightly wider and with a softer flex to make it more forgiving and handle better at slower speeds but it will still ride well at faster speeds once he gets there.

bbeach 10-09-2006 2:46 PM

I agree stay away from the Monza or the system 8 if you are merely free skiing... Those 2 skis are for shortline skiers and can Bite ya! A great slow speed ski with a great price would be an 03-04-05 HO Vengeance...

kstateskier 10-09-2006 11:23 PM

I would stay away from the Monza even if you are a course skier.....<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/biggrin.gif" border=0>

bbeach 10-10-2006 9:41 AM

YEP! If you can't handle the speed of the Monza, you should be on a D3!<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/rofl.gif" border=0>

bfa 10-11-2006 6:00 AM

Thank you for all the advice. I didn't think the guy selling us the ski new too much about them. I will look into the Vengeance as well.

kstateskier 10-11-2006 8:19 PM

Very rarely do the guys selling the skis know what is going on. In my experience it is usually some 15 year old wakeboarder trying to push the skis off with little to no information on them.

tacosupreme 10-12-2006 7:31 AM

Last time I tried to get information from the sales guy about a slalom rope/handle he told me he had no clue and that he was a "death tuber"

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