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kylielogan 10-03-2006 8:04 AM

is there a good one you would recommend? i am really liking wakeskating, but honestly i just don't get it, like how the board stays with you on jumps, or how the edging works to really do stuff on it, but i want to learn. i figured watching a video might help it make more sense to me and it would help me learn it correctly. thanks.

treycleaton 10-03-2006 1:37 PM

Snap by Bump Films. From the basics to advanced, among others, this is a good start though.

dietwater5 10-03-2006 3:33 PM

no no no. i would recommend the book dvd set.very very detailed about everything. how to get boat in the water. all that little stuff. i have it a recommend it. or i could just sell it to you for like $45. still brand new condition bc ive only watch it once bc i dont wakeskate anymore.

ozwest 10-04-2006 4:38 PM

I have both Snap and The Book and they both help out in their own ways. Learning to ollie really clicked for me in Snap and The Book has some good detailed basics. I say go for both because they each have something the other doesn't.

kylielogan 10-04-2006 5:54 PM

thanks everyone. gunna go this weekend and try and locate at least one of these!

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