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03-14-2001 11:58 PM

I recently just landed my first toeside front and I need suggestions on a easier or harder trick to do. <BR>also I cut out so hard and really play tug of war with the boat I get a little high but not high enough for something like a scarecrow. any suggestions?

front 03-15-2001 5:46 AM

Actually a scarecrow is somewhat easier then a Front,i only have a backroll and a scarecrow in my tricks and i can't land a ts front at all.Just take your front up the same way but as soon as you start to roll over pull that rope hard to your back hip which will turn you 180 for the Crow.I actually cant do them that way but thats proper but i hit the wake pop up throw my head and shoulder down to the wake and then drop my left(front) hand off the handle and it brings me right around to the crow. <BR> <BR>If that wont work for you work on spins ,they ,to me ,are way harder then basic inverts. <BR> <BR>Good luck <BR> <BR>bill <BR>NWA <BR>BA Wakeboards <BR><A HREF="http://www.boardsource.net" TARGET="_top">http://www.boardsource.net</A>

03-15-2001 6:29 AM

Oh yea Mark let me in on your front tips,give me some details on how you get your feet under you ands land that sucker. <BR> <BR>Later <BR>Bill

03-15-2001 6:04 PM

well i try to get the strongest edge as possible then approach the wake still keeping a hard edge. then i lean and start the trick a little early get as much air as possible and then pull on the rope rotate your roll and spot your landing and let go with your back hand to land forward. <BR> <BR>good luck and tell me more about the scareCROW plz bill.

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