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crs 09-28-2006 6:31 PM

I am working on the Raley and I can't stop rotating once I launch off the wake. I little help and advice would be appreciated.

parkgirl 09-28-2006 9:53 PM

keep your weight even on both feet and look at the boat while in the air.

crs 09-29-2006 11:40 AM

Thanks. I will give it a shot today.

tchs22 10-02-2006 10:21 AM

I saw this on detention vol 2 you are letting off your edge and that is what is causing you to rotate

bhog 10-04-2006 7:13 AM

I have the Raley but when I fall on it I rotate. Its because you put more weight on one foot. I tind to blind spin when I mess up.

duffy 11-08-2006 6:10 AM

Good advice bro...

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