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09-17-2006 6:58 PM

Where do you set your wake plate. My wife wants the boat to plane so she can see better.(shes only 5 ft 1 inch.) and an excellent driver.The wakeplate id down all the way. The boat holds the speed better but I cant get that straight up pop. Should I change my approach or raise the wakeplate some. I dont feel as confident with the wakeplate down. Is it personal preference?..Its more rampy and not as big. We ride at about 65-70 ft 20MPH.

wakeboarder2687 09-17-2006 7:57 PM

How much weight, if any, and where? You may want more up front, then you can try to use the plate to shape it to how you want. That may get the boat to plane better. I would say get some sort of booster for the driver seat too. In my opinion, all these trim tabs to shape the wake are just another variable to screw with your weight placement. I would say set it to whatever the "wakeboard mode" is, then add weight where needed. I guess that only works if you are adding weight though. On the tige I usually ride, I prefer about 50/50 front to back, with the plate set to wakeboard.

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