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03-11-2001 6:24 PM

hey guy's <BR> <BR>well, my friend's and I just put our new kicker in today, hit it and it was great. but can anyone give me some tips's on how to hit it-----body position, speed, e.t.c........thank's

03-19-2001 7:38 PM

ok, heres the deal. all kickers are diffrent and they all require a diffrent approach. once you are comfortable hitting it, just try cutting harder or softer depending on how much air you want. Just like a double-up, timing is everything. the harder you cut the more air you will get. also, you can increase the boat speed a bit because kickers are always the same every time you hit em. when cutting into the kicker you want to edge right up to the base of it with pleanty of speed. Flaten out and stay centered over the board so you dont slide out. keep you legs bent so you can take the impact and try to gradually stand up as you go off the kicker and ollie off the lip to get the most air. the rest is up to you. have fun and wear your vest

03-26-2001 6:39 PM

alright were starting to land it and getting a feel for it, but when you are going off of it can you start to innitiate a spin on the face of the kicker or do you need to start spinning in the air, thanks

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