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10-06-2002 8:44 PM

Ok, after 3 months of wakeboarding I decided to try my first 360, I choose blind because I can already do the handle pass on a 180 (Blind). <BR> <BR>Ok so I go for it, make it all the way around 1st try, but I chunked the handle instead of pass it, of course I didn't land because I went off axis. <BR> <BR>Now I've tried probably 10 times now, and I keep going off axis, I can get the handle but it's no good without being on axis for landing, any tips would be appreciated. <BR> <BR>Also, I hurt my rear knee on my last attempt sorta jammed it, any advise on how to prevent this type of injury when falling hard? (i.e. Locking knee's bending knee's holding them out of the water when impacting, pushing them in first, ect. ect. ect... <BR> <BR>thanks!!! <BR> <BR>-Matt

10-06-2002 11:40 PM

just wait as long as possible to start spinning, you might be spinning it off the wake...as with most tricks, you probably have more time in the air than you think...good luck..

10-07-2002 7:40 AM

Ok cool, I was initiating the spin off the wake, that causes me to go off axis? Also I don't have much hang time as I don't have a pylon or tower, the rope always yanks me down pretty fast, but I'm starting to do more grabs and stuff so my hangtime is increasing. thanks for the tip! <BR> <BR>-Matt

10-10-2002 12:40 AM

Matt, <BR> <BR>Was out this past weekend with some buds that were trying 360s, and they too were off axis. This was happening because they were starting their rotations too eary (off the wake) rather than in mid air. They still didnt land them, but it helped get them on axis a little more.

10-10-2002 10:11 PM

Cool thanks, hey, how do you initiate the turn when your in the air, just look and everything follows kinda makes sence, but I haven't tried it yet, maybe I'll get out this week some time, will let you know if I stick it. <BR> <BR>-Matt

maestro 10-11-2002 4:00 PM

Initiate the rotation by pulling on the handle (to your lead hip for bs rotations) and turning your head.

10-12-2002 12:39 AM

Cool, can't wait to try again, think my knee is about ready for some more, as soon as I stick this I can finish my first video. <BR> <BR>-Matt

johns 10-17-2002 4:52 PM

Dude, If your landing blind or handle pass 180's you can do the 360. For some reason(hard falls I guess) I have a mental block on FS 360s but BS came naturally for me. I got good at landing blind 180's consistently. It just takes a little more height and spin just a bit faster. I got the the point on my 180s that I could see the water on landing and one day just pulled it around to 360. I landed it the first time I tried it.

socalrider 10-25-2002 12:02 PM

I feel that on threes you cannot be afraid to muscle the rope. I used to think that like on snowboarding once you set the spin in motion you will continue around. When wakeboarding I put a lot of muscle into pulling the rope to get the spin started and to finish it off.

10-25-2002 2:15 PM

ok, thanks for the help, it's been crap since I posted, so I haven't been out again, think the knee is doing good now though, also I got a brace it helps alot when working and bending. <BR> <BR>-Matt

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