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woohoo 09-09-2006 3:47 PM

I've been thinking about getting into wakeskating. I have only been wakeboarding for 1 season and my w2w are getting more consistant, and I've got surface 180's down. I've seen wakeskating and it looks like fun and it would just be something different to do behind the boat. Do you think I should do more wakeboarding or get into wakeskating now? I'm 6 foot and between 145 and 150 pounds. I don't think I'll be able to demo and I don't want to spend over $120. Any ideas would be appreciated thanks.

treycleaton 09-09-2006 9:20 PM

The LF Anthem would be perfect for you. I think you can get end of season pricing on them now.

woohoo 09-10-2006 5:04 PM

Cool thanks.

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