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socalf150rider 09-08-2006 10:59 AM

i was thinking about tying one tomorrow morning.. any tips

doogles 09-12-2006 2:48 PM

toeside or heelside?

socalf150rider 09-12-2006 3:20 PM


doogles 09-13-2006 5:58 AM

I haven't done a real good one heelside, but I've tried a few. A few tips that might help Get the grab early, Mute seems to get you in one of the best body positions for this. With your rear hand, pull the handle in hard to your shoulder, or even a little lower. This will help you get the slack in the rope that you need. Finally move the handle from you shoulder and put it up and over your head to your opposit shoulder. If you can keep the grab and wait to really start spinning until you get the slack in your line, you should be able to maintain a pretty flat axis ans just use the rope to spin you around. Good luck. (p.s. I found it much easier to figure these out Heelside....)

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