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09-06-2006 7:10 PM

Got em dialed one wake now-how do you take it bigger without much more line tension.

tparider 09-06-2006 10:07 PM

keep the rope super close on take off and use an ollie edge up the wake. Pull with both hands just in case.

rourker 09-12-2006 5:33 PM

remember to concentrate on pushing your hip toward the handle at the apex of your jump. This will help you stay in a stable on axis position as you reach for the handle.

scott313 09-14-2006 6:33 PM

Take a long mellow cut to keep the line tension down. It also helps to let off your edge on the wake and ollie straight up. Pull the handle hard to your back hip, that should give you the slack to pass. Good Luck

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