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09-28-2002 9:25 PM

Several of my buddies have been wakeboarding this season and have been pushing me to start as well. I still kneeboard because I'm getting much better over a shorter period of time. We only get out once during the week for 3 hours and Saturday for about 6 hours. This is just not enough time for me to learn another sport easily. I am interested in wakeboarding though and every now and then play around on it, but I was sick of trying to get up after crashes and would hesitate giving the board another try. Well, I've been reading so much advice on this site my eyes are all bugged out and bloodshot..haha! After about a month of not even riding the wakeboard I decided to start again and used the advice from this forum on how to get up using the compressed method. I compressed into a small ball with my elbows on the outside of knees and the handle between them and my arms bent holding the handle near the board. WOW!!! is all I can say. Without any effort on my part BAM! I was up on the water everytime and to aim the board I just rotated my hips and off I went then I stood up. I was originally taught to do the slalom style take off and using too much strength to get up and it was very difficult.....NEVER AGAIN!! The other guy I was with today tried it also and could not believe the difference either! <BR> <BR>Thanks everyone!

tigeal 09-28-2002 10:07 PM

Wanderer, I am an ex kneeboarder with 20 + years on the things and since learning to wakeboard last year I have not ridden a kneeboard. Wakeboarding rules!

09-29-2002 12:41 PM

once u go wake...u neva go back

shadowclaw 09-30-2002 5:15 AM

So True.... Ever did some kitesurfing? <BR>Addictive too ya know ;D <BR> <BR>/me does both wakeboarding and kiteboarding, it r0X0rzz! <BR>

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