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uppledup17 08-28-2006 12:08 PM

Anyone have any suggestions on a good drysuit. I was looking at the Bare and wondering if looking like a garbage bag is worth the mobility? Are they much better than the traditional drysuit? I plan on riding until at least November here in Illinois but need a little more for the cold temps.

sbt3 08-28-2006 12:13 PM

Oneill boost is the best suit I have used. My second choice would be a Barefoot international. I would stay away from the Neoprene suits. They leak too easy. I have had my boost for 3 seasons now with no problems.

jbwaken 08-28-2006 12:18 PM

i have an Oneil and it rocks! A buddy of mine picked up a Bare and ended up ripping at the seam first time out...could of been bad luck....Oniel is worth the extra $$ (in my opinion)...

mikel 08-28-2006 1:45 PM

Adam...my whole crew uses BARE and they work great. Not sure what you consider a traditional drysuit...but stay away from Neoprene drysuits if you can. Too bulky and thick. <BR> <BR>BARE prices a bit lower than the Boost. <BR> <BR>Mike

uppledup17 08-28-2006 1:55 PM

Thanks guys, Mike the neoprene ones are what I guess would be traditional, because that is really all I have ever known. With a full drysuit do you still need a vest.

lumpy9138 08-28-2006 2:52 PM

Hey Adam, I have the BARE drysuit, and have had no problems with it yet. Pretty mobile and pretty baggy so you can get some clothes on underneath it. And, yea you should wear a life jacket with it. On an aside, bite your tongue for talking about drysuits in Illinois already.<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/lol.gif" border=0>

uppledup17 08-28-2006 3:27 PM

What's Up Lump, I just had the thought when I jumped in the water at 6 this morning...talk about a wake up call.But I am going to hold out as long as possible. What have you guys been up to? Mike land his front roll yet.

mikel 08-28-2006 3:32 PM

Adam...bagstyle is the way to go. Some don't wear a vest, but if you were at least a comp vest underneath, it is another layer for warmth and impact protection. With the bagstyle you can layer up and down depending on the temps...plus, since it does not need to be a snug fit to work, a bunch of people can share a suit. My wife is little and can wear mine...no need to buy two. <BR> <BR>Mike

eaglejackson 08-28-2006 4:37 PM

O'Neill Boost with a Jet Pilot A-10 underneath. <BR> <BR>One member of my crew had a Bare, it leaked, and she switched to the O'Neill Boost, which she now loves.

clubmyke 08-28-2006 7:03 PM

i dig on the oneil (perfect imo)...it has suspenders which helps the suit from bagging and the neoprene neck is ultra comfortable... <BR> <BR>it cost a little more but very comfortable and oneil has super quick turnaround unless you live in canada.

lumpy9138 08-28-2006 7:06 PM

We were out on Sunday, and it was pretty damn chilly/ rainy. But, We had good water till almost 3:00. Mike hasn't landed the toside front roll yet, but is getting more consistent on his toeside 3's. I landed two toeside w2w's @ 65' on Sunday. I know it's not a big deal to some, but I was pretty excited all the same.

uppledup17 08-29-2006 5:38 AM

Congrats Lumpy, so when is the stalfish grab coming with the TS w2w? I sent you a PM. <BR> <BR>Thanks guys for the input, I will check them out. I still have a couple months but thanks for the advice.

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