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hoosairboy 08-28-2006 5:29 AM

This is Tino's 2nd crown and I was thinking how both times he won it's been behind a Nautique. It made me think that certain riders do better behind certain boats. Lidberg always does better behind a Nautiqe also. But neither one have done well behind the Mastercraft. Adkinson and Rusty seem to do well behind a MC. I am not suggesting one boat is better than another but posing the question: Does one boat's wake fit certain riders better than others.

bill 08-28-2006 6:08 AM

yes i ride a lot better behind certain boats do to wake shape and size fitting my edging style,rope length,and speed specs better .. <BR> <BR>just a mental comfort thing as well...

byrd 08-28-2006 7:06 AM

Plus, it also helps to ride in a contest on the same boat you train on. I guess it's kind of like "home team" advantage in other sports....

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